In the global beauty industry, it is vital to be considered part of the professional elite. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of cosmetology, Magdeleine Mondoloni has managed to become one of the leaders in the international beauty marketplace. She has devoted her entire life to beauty, through training and accurate advice but also through the development of new cosmetics which are our essential allies:  a line of products rich in active natural substances that help us fight against the effect of aging by stimulating the skin's natural activity.           


According to Magdeleine Mondoloni, a woman's beauty is this magic that only the well perceived, well selected, well applied cosmetics that meet the highest standards can create.


"De Barbarie" was born from this philosophy.


Named after the French word for prickly pear - "la Figue de Barbarie" - this line of cosmetics contains the active natural substances of the cactus fruit famous for its antioxidant properties, its high levels of vitamin C and E, sterols as well as anti-radical and anti-aging fatty acids.       


Enriched with collagen for a noticeable smoothing and toning up effect, each product in our brand allows us by its contact and its delicate perfume, to picture those pastel-colored shrubs and vitamin rich fruits. Our imagination then leads us to that place where the sun is warm, along the mediterranean sea coast, the cradle of beauty since the beginning of time.


Photo ©Noël Manalili

Photo @Bruno Werzinski



"I love the idea of reinventing a lost heritage, to bring it back to the surface and transform it into something that makes perfect sense to us today."


Calligraphy prodigy Nicolas Ouchenir is a passionate individual who always follows through with his ideas. Over ten years ago, he was able to read the signs and realize that the art of calligraphy had for long been part of his life. After graduating from university, he decides to throw himself into the art world by opening a gallery with famous collector César Pape. He then starts working at JGM gallery where, for the first time, he calligraphs some invitation cards. His encounters during this period of his life will play a decisive role in his promising future career. A year later, after traveling to Brazil, he finally decides to devote himself to his true passion and opens the Nicolas Ouchenir calligraphy studio in Paris.


Today, the most prestigious luxury companies fight over him.


His constantly evolving thick and thin strokes, English letters and capitals, his smile and his kindness have transformed him into a contemporary icon and his own name has now  become a luxury brand.      


Thanks to a simple encounter, a common will to defend certain values and a shared interest for luxury, innovation and the correct use of Nature's precious heritage, a relationship was established between Nicolas, Magdeleine Mondoloni and De Barbarie. He therefore accepted to masterfully create the brand's signature logos and to become the man behind its visual identity. 


We wanted to pay tribute to Nicolas as he has done an outstanding job bringing Magdeleine Mondoloni's DNA to life and we strongly invite you to discover his very unique work.